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This timeless, mild, beguiling island of a town... with its seven public houses, one chapel in action, one church, one factory, two billiard tables, one St. Bernard (without brandy), one policeman, three rivers, a visiting sea, one Rolls-Royce selling fish and chips, one cannon (cast-iron), one chancellor (flesh and blood), one portreeve, one Danny Raye, and a multitude of mixed birds, here we just are, and there is nowhere like it anywhere at all.

Dylan Thomas

Laugharne | Talacharn

Laugharne (Welsh: Talacharn) is a town in Carmarthenshire, Wales, lying on the estuary of the River Tâf. It is known for having been the home of Dylan Thomas from 1949 until his death in 1953, and is thought to have been an inspiration for the fictional town of Llareggub in Under Milk Wood.

Tref fechan yn Sir Gaerfyrddin ger aber yr afon Taf yw Talacharn. Mae’n fwyaf enwog am fod Dylan Thomas wedi byw yno o 1949 tan y bu farw ym 1953. Credir hefyd mai Talacharn a ysbrydolodd dref ffuglennol Llareggub yn ‘Dan y Wenallt’.

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Dilynwch y ddolen isod i ddarllen portread o Dalacharn a ‘sgrifenwyd yn arbennig ar ein cyfer gan Mr George Tremlett - awdurdod nodedig ar fywyd a gwaith Dylan Thomas, bywgraffydd a pherchennog siop ragorol Corran Books yn y dref.

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