Disability Info

The Venues

As a festival we essentially use the existing buildings of Laugharne. All our venues are within the township and don’t require access via fields or difficult-to-negotiate grassy surfaces. It may be helpful to break down the venues we use, one by one,

The Millennium Hall

this is a modern building with excellent access, wheelchair ramp, disabled toilets etc. We reserve seats at the front for wheelchair users for all performances, and our team of volunteer stewards are always ready to help.

The Congregational Church.

This is a much older building and there are a couple of steps leading up to the entrance which can be tricky to negotiate for wheelchair users, but stewards are ready to help, and we’ve never had any problem getting wheelchair users inside.

Browns Marquee

this is the one temporary venue we use. It’s a classic marquee set up on the tarmac car park behind the Brown’s Hotel. We consciously made the decision to site it there, rather than – say – the Cors Field, because it offers direct wheelchair access. Once again our stewards are there to help.

The Fountain Inn.

This is a traditional pub and we use the upstairs room for live music and Laugharne’s Got Talent. This is the one problematical venue for disabled access. To access the events you have to negotiate a flight of stairs. We deeply regret this, but there is absolutely no other suitable venue in Laugharne. The pub struggles to remain financially viable, so there’s no question of installing a lift. Our stewards will provide every assistance possible to help festival goers to make it up the stairs, but, as of now, we don’t have a way of making it accessible to all.



There are disabled toilets in the Millennium Hall, in Browns hotel and disabled public toilets on King Street.

Food and Drink

There is straightforward disabled access to all the restaurants, delis and pubs.

Navigating The Site

The festival takes place within the township of Laugharne and all the venues are linked by tarmac roads with pavements.


There is ample car parking in the Grist and outside St Martin’s Church. None of it is actually designated for disabled drivers but we have not yet had a problem. We are encouraging the council to provide designated disabled spaces. Meanwhile, if there is a problem, we keep back a couple of parking spaces outside the Millennium Hall in case of need.