About Golf

This website helps you to administer a golf competition. You can create a competition for a course and then assign players to teams. When you are ready, instruct the website to email the players a link to a page where each player can enter their handicap and score for each hole. Any emailed player can enter scores for every player on their team if desired.

Every time a player enters a score for a hole a leaderboard updates on their web page so they can see the progress of the competition in real time. The Administrator can also see the leaderboard and broadcast it to a monitor in the club house if they wish. The administrator can also enter handicaps and scores for all of the players if some of them prefer not to do so themselves.

In order for scores entered by players to update the leaderboard a signal is required. However, even a very weak signal will be sufficient as very little data is transferred at each update. If no signal is available on the course, the scores can still be entered by players and then uploaded later when they do have a signal.

The website has been designed to be as simple as possible while still performing the main requirements for recording players' scores and calculating their points using the Stapleford scoring system. Only the competition administrator needs to create an account with the website. The players are able to submit their scores securely but without needing an account.

If you would like to try the website out, please create an account using a valid email address. The functionality of the website can be explored even if your are having a round of golf on your own or just trying the website out at home. Once you have two or more players competing the fun and usefullness of the website starts to show.