Major.Minor.Patch versioning is used.

When a new version is to be released the following steps need to be taken.

  • Make sure you are working on the main branch of the project.

  • In put the new version in the main header at the top of the file eg MyProject v1.4.2.

  • At the bottom of have a Release Note explaining what is new about the release.

  • Make sure any new functionality is explained and that it is clear how to use it in

  • Comment out all PHP error reporting (The version tagged code is for production).

  • Do a final commit and mention that it is the final commit before (for example) Release v1.4.2.

  • Run git tag -a v1.4.2 -m "Release v1.4.2"

  • Run git push origin v1.2.0.

  • Check on GitHub that the new version appears in the Tags section for the project.

  • Now, on the main branch, change the title to MyProject Development (from v1.4.2)