Making Bootable USB Stick


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Make Stick Reusable

I got this information from here.

  1. sudo fdisk -l

    See what name the system is giving to your usb stick. This can change, so if you take the stick out and put it back in then recheck that the name has not changed. In my case the name tends to be dev/sdb

  2. sudo wipefs -f --all /dev/sdb

    Not quite sure what this does. It does not seem to wipe the data off the disk as I find there are still direcories containing data in them after this whole procedure has finished. Those directories can be removed with file explorer or command line after this procedure is finished.

  3. sudo cfdisk /dev/sdb

    1. dos
    2. New
    3. Select the (max) default
    4. primary
    5. write
    6. confirm
    7. quit
  4. sudo mkfs.vfat -n 'steve' /dev/sdb1

    The system warned that for Windows a capital letter is preferred for first character of the name. I found that the disc was still referred to as 'Anaconda' (the installation programme for Red Hat which was what was on the stick before the start of the procedure. I had expected it to now be called 'steve'.

  5. Now I found I could remove old directories from the stick and put new ones on it.